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How to use the asset in your project

Option 1: Highlighting/customizing gameobjects

  • Add HighlightEffect.cs script to any gameobject. Customize the appearance options.
  • Optionally add HighlightTrigger.cs script to the gameobject. It will activate highlight on the gameobject when mouse pass over it. A collider must be present on the gameobject. Note: adding a HighlightTrigger.cs script to a gameobject will automatically add a HighlightEffect component.

In the Highlight Effect inspector, you can specify which objects, in addition to the parent, are also affected by the effects. The “Include” property in the inspector allows:

  1. a) Only this object
  2. b) This object and its children
  3. c) All objects from the root to the children
  4. d) All objects belonging to a layer
  5. e) Custom targets specified by script (see Advanced Topics & Notes)

Option 2: Highlighting/customizing ANY gameobject automatically

  • Select top menu GameObject -> Effects -> Highlight Plus -> Create Manager.
  • Customize behaviour of Highlight Manager. Those settings wil be applied to any gameobject highlighted by the manager. But if a gameobject already has a HighlightEffect component, the manager will use those settings instead.

Ignoring specific gameobjects from highlighting

In addition to the “Include” options in the inspector, you can add a “Highlight Effect” component to the gameobject that you don’t want to be highlighted and activate the “Ignore” checkbox.

If you’re using the Highlight Manager, it also provides some filter options like Layer Mask.

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