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Third-party Support & Integrations


Integration with NGUI covers:

  • Viewport mouse events (through PointTrigger script which is already attached to Viewport prefab).

  • Mouse over GUI detection to prevent unwanted map interaction when cursor is over a GUI element (edit WMSKInternal.cs script file and uncomment the line at top:

// #define NGUI_SUPPORT // Uncomment this line


Note that only the viewport can be used as part of the NGUI hierarchy. The main object (WMSK) must not be added to NGUI and should be positioned in the scene independently of NGUI.

TextMesh Pro

Integration with TextMesh Pro improves the appearance of labels:

  • TextMesh Pro renders faster and better than standard TextMesh.

  • Label placement is improved, including curved text along the country shape.

To enable Text Mesh Pro system, choose “TextMesh Pro” as the text rendering engine in the WMSK inspector:

The following options are specific to TextMesh Pro mode:

Size: the relative size for the label to the region size.

Minimum Size: makes smaller labels bigger.

Font (TMPro): the SDF font to be used. By default, WMSK uses the LATO SDF font asset located in WorldMapStrategyKit/Resources/WMSK/Font/TextMeshPro folder.

Labels Color: the color for the font face.

Length: specific scaling for the width of the label.

Horizontality: the greater the value, the more horizontal labels will be produced.

Curve Multiplier: a singular value which multiplies the curve applied to each label.

Outline Color/Width: attributes for the outline effect of the TextMesh Pro labels.

Here are 2 examples of labeling:

Standard Text Mesh labels VS Text Mesh Pro labels:


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