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Terrain Grid System is a commercial asset for Unity 2019.4 (or later) that allows you to:

  • Add a configurable and flexible grid to Unity terrain or any other gameobject.

  • Supports voronoi tessellation, boxed and hexagonal types.

  • Two levels of regions: cells and territories.

  • Powerful selectable and highlighting system for both cells and territories.

  • Coloring and fade support.

  • Different positioning options for best mesh adaptation to the terrain.

  • Native A* Path Finding support.

  • Extensive API (C#) for controlling the grid.

  • Use textures to define visibility and cell ownership

  • Can work alone or with Unity’s Terrain object

You can use this asset for:

  • Organizing content or areas of interest over a terrain

  • Provide a generic selectable grid zone without using a terrain

  • Allow the user to highlight and select a zone of the map

  • Display with different colors regions of the map, either territories or cells

  • Manage the grow of different regions, by combining cells into greater cells or other territories.

We hope you find the asset easy and fun to use. Feel free to contact us for any enquiry.
Visit our Support Forum for help and access to the latest beta releases.

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