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  • Before start making changes, determine if you need the high-definition file or not. If you don’t need it for your project, then you can just work with the low-definition file. Note that the high-def and low-def files are different. That means that changes to one file will not affect the other. This may duplicate your job, so it’s important to decide if you want to modify both maps or only the low-def map.

  • The high-definition file has lots of points. Current operation in this mode on some big countries (like Russia or Antartica) can be quite slow on some machines (although functional).

  • You may change temporarily the scale of the map gameobject to 2000,1000,1 to make easier both the zoom and selection operations.

  • If you decide to modify the high-definition file but also want to be able to use a low-definition version of the same map, you should complete all your modifications first in the high-definition map. Then use the command “Create Low Definition Geodata File” from the gear command and adjust the low-def map afterwards.

  • If you make any mistake using the Point/Circle tool, you can Undo (Control/Command + Z or Undo command from the Edit menu).

  • You can quickly remove a mount point by holding shift key when clicking on the mount point.

  • Alternatively, you can use the Revert option and this will reload the geodata files from disk (changes in memory wiil be lost).

  • If you modified the geodata files in Resources/Geodata and want to recover original files, you can use the Restore Backup command from the gear icon, or manually replace the Resourcess/Geodata files with those in the Backup folder.

  • As a last resort you may replace currnet files with the originals in the asset .unitypackage.

  • It’s safe to make manual backup copies of the Resources/Geodata files and replace them at any moment. They are just plain text files that are read by the asset during any initialization, which occurs when you hit play or make Unity rebuild your project.

  • Beware of hitting play before saving your changes! If you run your game, all changes that have not been saved will be lost!

  • Remember to visit us at for help and new updates.

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