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How can I render the fog behind particles?

Just edit DynamicFog.cs and add [ImageEffectOpaque] before OnRenderImage method.

At night, fog still is showing in same color, how can I make it react to ambient light?

Assign a directional light or Sun gameobject to the Sun property in the inspector (eg. assign the Sun gameobject of Time Of Day plugin). Once assigned, DynamicFog will lerp between fog color and black depending on the Y-axis angle of the directional light.

What’s Dynamic Fog Exclusive script for?

Starting version 6, Dynamic Fog & Mist includes two scripts:

  • Dynamic Fog (normal usage, recommended for most situations).

  • Dynamic Fog Exclusive. This new script is a variant of the normal script optimized for performance. It includes a “Downsampling” parameter in the inspector that allows you to reduce quality to improve speed.

I have a question which is not covered in the guide

Please use the Support Forum and post your question there. Our team will get back to you shortly.

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