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Splitting Audio

Since version 2.0, Split Screen Pro provides support for splitting audio. Since Unity only allows one single Audio Listener in the scene, there’re two options regarding audio splitting:

  • Use a completely different sound system for your game, like FMOD, which supports multiple listeners. In this case you would replace your AudioListener and AudioSources with the components provided by the new system.

  • or enable the “Split Audio” option provided by the Split Screen Manager.

Playing a sound at any position with Split Screen Pro

Use this method:

SplitScreenManager.PlayClipAtPosition(clip, position, volume);

The system will ensure the sound is played from the nearest player position.

Setting up Audio Sources to work with Split Audio option

Add the component “SplitAudioSource” to your AudioSources. A children gameobject with a mirrored audio source will be created. Split Screen Pro will mute the original audio source and manage the position and state of the mirrored audio sources, so they play the sound from the nearest player.

If you’re using an object pooling system for certain objects that are created frequently during the game, edit your prefab containing the AudioSource and add SplitAudioSource to your gameobject. This will create the children/mirrored AudioSource as part of the prefab, so it benefits from your object pool.

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