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What’s New?

Compass Navigator Pro 2 introduces a host of enhancements to revolutionize your Unity projects. Here’s a glimpse into the notable features:

Compass Bar enhancements:

  • Icon Distance Text: display precise distance information on the compass bar icons.
  • Half-Winds/Degree ticks Options: customize the appearance of half-winds and ticks on the Compass Bar.

Mini-Map enhancements:

  • View Cone: displays the field of view on the mini-map.
  • Circle of Interest: displays a circle around a POI based on its “radius” property. Additionally, enable circle animation for a specific POI when is revealed on the minimap.
  • POI circle animations when they appear on the mini-map
  • Radar Mode with pulse effect: activate a radar mode featuring a pulsating effect for enhanced visibility.
  • Panning with mouse: easily pan around the MiniMap and right-clicking to center the view.
  • Cardinal Symbols: enhance orientation with dedicated “Cardinal” indicators.
  • Additional color options: add tint color overlay.

New Off-screen POI Indicators:

    • Enable indicators for off-screen Points of Interest.
    • Anti-overlap system to prevent cluttering of icons on the edges of screen.

New POI Inspector:

    • Experience improved organization and settings for Point of Interest management.

Additional Visual Indicator Options:

    • Utilize more options for visual indicators, now customizable with prefabs.

Revamped Inspector with Undo Support:

    • Enjoy a redesigned inspector layout with comprehensive undo support.

Demo Scene Enhancements:

    • Explore added functionality in the demo scene, including code examples.
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