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Skybox Plus performance considerations

Skybox Plus shaders are designed to provide the best performance. However, note that performance also depends on the number of layers enabled in the material.

The procedural haze option uses 3 texture fetches on the noise texture producing a very fast effect.

Each cubemap layer adds a texture fetch over a cubemap of 4K size.

Finally, the Moon texture is 256 in size and adds another texture fetch.

This means that if you use the Landscape shader and use all options, the shader will use 11 fetches over quite large textures so it can be expensive on mobile.

To achieve the best performance, follow this recommendation:

  • Consider including 2 or 3 material variants in your game and choose one or another based on a quality setting that you include in your game. So if user choose the Best Quality, you can enable the material with most features. Conversely, if the user choose Best Performance, you can use a simpler material.
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