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Map interaction and navigation

map.mouseIsOver: returns true if mouse has entered the Earth’s sphere collider.

map.navigationTime: time in seconds to fly to the destination (see FlyTo methods).

map.allowUserDrag/map.allowUserZoom: enables/disables user interaction with the map.

map.SetZoomLevel(level): apply one-time zoom level from 0 (closest) to 1 (farther).

map.zoomMinDistance / map.zoomMaxDistance: limits the amount of zoom user can perform.

map.invertZoomDirection: controls the zoom in/out direction when using mouse wheel.

map.allowUserKeys/map.dragFlipDirection: enables/disables user drag with WASD keys and direction.

map.allowScrollOnScreenEdges: enables/disables autodisplacement of the map when mouse is positioned on the edges of the screen.

map.mouseWheelSensibility: multiplying factor for the zoom in/out functionality.

map.mouseDragSensibility: multiplying factor for the drag functionality.

map.showCursor: enables the cursor over the map.

map.cursorFollowMouse: makes the cursor follow the map.

map.cursorLocation: current location of graphical cursor in local coordinates (by default the sphere is size (1,1,1) so x/y/z can be in (-0.5,0.5) interval. Can be set and the cursor will move to that coordinate.

map.GetCurrentMapLocation: returns the coordinates of the center of the map as it’s shown on the screen.

map.fitWindowWidth: makes the map occupy the width of the screen.

map.fitWindowHeight: makes the map occupy also the height of the screen.

map.CenterMap(): positions the map in front of the main camera.

map.windowRect: current rectangle constraints. By default, the entire map is shown with windowRect being a rect of (-0,5, -0,5, 1, 1).

map.FlyToLocation (x, y, z): same but specifying the location in local Unity spherical coordinates.

map.respectOtherUI: if set to true, it will prevent interaction with the map while pointer is over another UI element.

map.cursorAlwaysVisible: set this to false to hide the cursor automatically when pointer is not over the map.

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