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Beautify for Universal Rendering Pipeline packs the best effects rewritten from scratch for the Unity’s new render pipeline (requires Unity 2019.3 or later).

What is Beautify?

Beautify is a combined set of effects that use several algorithms in a single pass resulting in a very fast image effect:

– Analyses local pixel contrast, enhancing visual features and producing sharp images.

– Reduces or completely removes banding in gradients, usually seen in sky boxes due to color quantization.

– Adjusts pixel saturation, boosting pixel color without over saturating the image.

– Factory presets or global effect slider, which takes care of all effect details in one step.

In addition to this unique image enhancement technology, Beautify provides a state of the art filmic ACES tone-mapping operator and high quality extra effects which you can combine just by enabling them in the inspector. These are high quality effects which are combined in the same render passes providing superior performance.

We hope you find the asset easy and fun to use. Feel free to contact us for any enquiry.
Visit our Support Forum for help and access to the latest beta releases.

Beautify - [POST PROCESSING] Image Enhancement & Effects

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