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Quick Start & Demo Scenes

  1. Import the asset into your project or create an empty project.

  2. Go to Demo folder and run the demo scene to quickly test the asset effects.

  3. Examine the code behind the script attached to the Demo game object.

The Demo scene contains two examples of how to render the effects (one or two ways can be used):

  • A HighlightPlus2DManager instance (the prefab) which detects when the pointer is over a sprite and triggers the effects. The manager is a single component that you can add from the top menu GameObject -> Effects -> Highlight Plus 2D -> Create Manager.

  • A Potion sprite which has a Highlight Plus Effect and Highlight Plus Trigger component. The Highlight Plus Effect contains the effects settings while the Highlight Plus Trigger component is responsible for detecting when the pointer enters the sprite and enable those effects using the settings from the Highlight Plus Effect component.

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