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World Political Map – Globe Edition is a commercial asset for Unity that allows you to:

  • Visualize the frontiers of 241 countries, +4000 provinces and states and the location of +7000 most important cities in the world without connecting to the Internet (integrated cartography).

  • Ability to integrate with online map tile systems.

  • Colorize, texture and also highlight the regions of countries and provinces/states as mouse hovers them.

  • Automatically draw country labels.

  • Add markers and line animations to the globe.

  • Define custom mount points and customize its location and tags with the editor.

  • Fly to a chosen country, city, province or location. It will make the globe rotate until the destination is reached.

  • Ease choose beteween different catalogs included based on quality/size for frontiers and cities.
    Filter number of cities by population and/or size.

  • Lots of customization options: colors, labels, frontiers, provinces, cities, Earth (7 styles including scenic with clouds, shadows, day/light and nice glow effects compatible with mobile and another even more advanced including physically based atmosphere scattering)…

  • Works on Android and iOS (all styles except for the atmosphere scattering style).

  • And much more…

You can use this asset to represent or allow the user choose a location in your game/application, in mission briefings, reports, statistical or educational software, etc.

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