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Hexasphere Grid System is a commercial asset for Unity 2019.4 (or later) with the following features:

  • Render and interact with hexaspheres
  • High-performance, optimized with latest Unity rendering technology
  • Wireframe, shaded or combination of styles
  • Powerful selectable and highlighting system for tiles.
  • Interactive spherical grid: drag to rotate, zoom, fly to desired tiles.
  • Coloring and texturing support.
  • Native A* Path Finding support.
  • Extrusion with customizable color gradient
  • Heightmap loading
  • Extensive API (C#) for controlling the grid.

You can use this asset for:

  • Organizing content or areas of interest over a spherical world
  • Provide a generic selectable grid zone without using a terrain
  • Allow the user to highlight and select a zone of the world
  • Display with different colors regions of the map
  • Visualize data around Earth, using extrusion to represent quantities

Intro Overview

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