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Performance Tips

Volumetric Lights uses an extremely optimized ray-marching algorithm to provide “volumetric sense” effect in front of your player. If you need to improve performance, you can try the following options:

  • Reduce Raymarch Quality: reducing this value will indeed reduce the number of texture fetches per pixel.
  • Increase “Min Step Size” value.
  • Decrease “Max Steps” value.
  • If Shadow Occlusion is used, make sure the shadow culling mask only includes objects that you want to cast shadows. By default, shadow culling mask doesn’t include Transparent FX layer as volumetric lights are set to that layer to avoid being rendered again by the occlusion cameras.
  • Disable “Use Blue Noise” option.
  • Reduce the range of the volumetric effect by using the “Use Custom Size” and specifying new range or size
  • Set Shadow Bake Interval to “On Start” whenever possible.
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