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World Map Strategy Kit (WMSK) is a commercial asset for Unity that allows to dramatically speed up the development of strategy/RTS/world map games. WMSK is packed with exciting features:

  • Ready to use dataset with frontier data of 241 countries, +4000 provinces and +7100 most important cities in the world.

  • Ability to colorize and also highlight the regions of countries and provinces/states as mouse hovers them. Per country texture support!

  • Automatically draws country labels, with placement options.

  • Define custom mount points and customize its location and tags with the editor. Mass mount point tool to randomly populate countries and continents with your resources or special locations.

  • Viewport rendering targets (supports cropping) including 3D surface with heighmap, fog of war and cloud layer.

  • Terrain mode: render WMSK’s visual features (country labels, frontiers, regions) onto Unity terrain.

  • Quickly locate and center any country, city, province or custom location.

  • Imaginary lines: draw custom latitude, longitude and cursor lines.

  • Easy choice between different catalogs included based on quality/size for frontiers.
    Filter number of cities by population and/or type (normal cities and region/country capitals)

  • Lots of customization options: colors, labels, frontiers, provinces, cities, Earth (several styles including 16K high resolution mode) …

  • Hexagonal grid and path-Finding functionality included for getting routes from any two points of the map. Units can be assigned terrain capabilities and the system will determine an optimal route for them automatically when moving to a destination.

  • Comprehensive API and extra components: Calculator, Tickers, Decorator and Map Editor.

  • Dedicated and responsive support forum.

We hope you find the asset easy and fun to use. Feel free to contact us for any inquiry.
Visit our Support Forum for help and access to the latest beta releases.

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