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These setup instructions are for the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Video tutorial

You can setup Beautify by following the steps shown in this video tutorial:

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Install Universal RP 7.3.0 or later from the Package Manager. (Window -> Package Manager -> Unity Registry)
2. Create or assign a URP settings pipeline asset in the Edit -> Project Settings / Graphics and Project Settings / Quality sections.
3. Select the URP Forward Renderer and add the Beautify Render Feature to the renderer feature list:

Important! If you have created the project using the “Universal Rendering Pipeline” template, Unity has assigned a different URP asset to each Quality level. For example, if you have High Quality level selected in “Project Settings / Quality” section, you can see the High Quality URP settings asset assigned there. In this case, this URP asset will be used and not the default URP asset assigned in “Project Settings / Graphics” section. When adding the render feature or changing some parameter from the URP asset, make sure you’re updating both the URP asset in “Project Settings / Graphics” section and in “Project Settings / Quality” (if there’s any there).

Hint: notice the Render Pass Event. You can change it to “Before Rendering Transparents” to make Beautify effects ignore transparent objects.

4. Select your camera and enable Post Processing checkbox. Or if you don’t want to use Unity Post Processing and get even better performance, do not enable the Post Processing checkbox on the camera and enable the “Ignore Post Processing Option” in the Render Feature. 

5. You can now add Beautify effects to your Volume profile (as you would add other effects).

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