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Release Notes in Terrain Grid System 2

TGS2 is here, with multi-tile terrain support and dozens of new features and improvements across the asset. Built upon the robustness and maturity of TGS (7 years on the Asset Store with continuous updates), this new major upgrade is a must-have for 2D and 3D grid generation, and comes with the following changes at launch (more features to come!):

New features:

  • Support for multi-tiled terrains. Toggle a single checkbox to make the grid span over several terrain tiles.

  • New demo scene 29: multi-tiled terrain. A sample scene showcasing the new multi-tile terrain support.
  • New demo scene 28: checkerboard
  • New demo scene 27: territory interior borders
  • New demo scene 26: territory create/destroy
  • Added new territory generation options: asymmetry, organic and max iterations. These options help creating more interesting territories automatically.
  • Added “Pointy Top” hexagon shape option. In previous version, the grid needed to be rotated to get this layout. Now, using this new toggle, the grid is automatically reconfigured.
  • Added “Flat Mask” to Flat Cells option. Now you have finer control over which cells should be displayed in flat mode.
  • Added “Grid Mask Inside Count” option: minimum number of vertices that must be inside the grid mask to consider the entire cell is inside the mask
  • Added “Cell Custom Thickness” toggle to specify when it should thick borders (instead of deriving from cell thickness value directly)
  • Pathfinding: added “Min Clearance” parameter to FindPath. Let you specify the minimum width of the path so the unit can pass along. Uses true clearance algorithm, see:
  • New snippet: TGS Move With Pathfind


  • Performance optimization in the algorithm that detects the gameobject under the grid when using mesh-based terrains
  • Performance optimization of hexagonal grid generation
  • Internal performance optimizations
  • Improved Fill Padding algorithm

Other improvements:

  • Grid Editor: added ability to set cell crossing cost
  • Added option to disable usage of stencil buffer
  • MeshCollider is not added if selection mode is None

Scripting improvements:

    • API: added CellGetExtrudedGameObject
    • API: added TerritoryDrawInteriorBorder with animation option, TerritoryHideInteriorBorders
    • API: added territoryInteriorBorderPadding, territoryInteriorBorderThickness properties
    • API: added GetCentroid demo to scene 13

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  • API: added TerritoryCreate, TerritoryDestroy methods
  • API: added CellIsAdjacentToTerritory, CellIsAdjacentToCell methods
  • API (change): added ignoreCanCrossCheckOnAllCellsExceptStartAndEndCells option to FindPath(). Now, ignoreCanCrossCheckOnAllCells will also ignore start and end cells
  • API: added MoveTo(), MovePause(), MovePauseToggle(), MoveResume(), MoveCancel() helper methods. See demo scene 28.
  • API: GetTerritoryPosition now returns a better centroid
  • API: added TerritorySetColor, TerritorySetTexture shortcut methods
  • API: added TerritoryDestroyAll
  • API: added CellDrawBorder
  • API: new CellSetCanCross overload that takes a list of cell indices
  • API: new CellGetInArea overload that takes a gameobject
  • API: TerritoryGetFrontierCells() can now filter by region and also include cells at the edge of the grid
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