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Hexagonal Grid

World Political Map Globe Edition includes the ability to render hexagonal grids over the globe. The section below controls the appearance and behaviour of the grid:

Divisions: the greater the value, the more cells. Note that as you increase the number of cells, the performance will be reduced.

Use Mask: when enabled, it will use the mask texture provided to limit hexagonal cells over land areas excluding water. The value of the blue channel of the texture (0-255) is used to determine the height for any pixel. The Height Threshold specifies the cut value for the blue component value above which cells will be displayed.

Enable Highlight: allows the user to highlight a cell as it moves the pointer over the grid. Highlight Color and Speed controls the behaviour of the highlight effect.

PathFinding Method: determines which heuristic is used to estimate the shorted path to the destination when calling the FindPath method.

Search Limit: this is the maximum length for any path obtained when calling FindPath.

Check out demo scene 20 for usage example including sample code. Also refer to the API section of this manual to learn about available functions and properties.

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