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map.countryLabelsSize: this is the relative size for labels. Controls how much the label can grow to fit the country area.

map.countryLabelsAbsoluteMinimumSize: minimum absolute size for all labels.

map.labelsQuality: specify the quality of the label rendering (Low, Medium, High).

map.showLabelsShadow: toggles label shadowing on/off.

map.countryLabelsColor: color for the country labels. Supports alpha.

map.countryLabelsShadowColor: color for the shadow of country labels. Also supports alpha.

map.labelsFaceToCamera: if set to true, labels will rotate automatically to ensure they can be easily read.

map.countryLabelsEnableAutomaticFade: if set to true, labels will fade in/out depending on screen size.

map.countryLabelsAutoFadeMaxHeight: max height of a label relative to screen height (0..1).

map.countryLabelsAutoFadeMaxHeightFallOff: gradient for the fade out of label.

map.countryLabelsAutoFadeMinHeight: max height of a label relative to screen height (0..1).

map.countryLabelsAutoFadeMinHeightFallOff: gradient for the fade in of label.

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