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X-Frame FPS Accelerator is a camera script plus some shader effects that improves the FPS of your game.

The technique used by X-Frame FPS Accelerator works in two steps:

  • Makes the camera render to an off-screen surface with reduced resolution which obviously makes the render faster, but it also reduces any post-image effects time.
  • Upscales the rendered frame to window size, optionally applying MSAA antialias + our custom fast sharpen algorithm, which reduces blur and improves result vs a normal upscale operation.

X-Frame is aimed mainly to mobile and HDPI screens (high dot-per-inch screens). As mobile devices pack more and more pixels per inch, you may afford to lose some pixels in exchange for performance. It’s important to test the effect of X-Frame on the mobile device itself, since usual monitors don’t have such DPI and the quality reduction will be more noticeable on the big screens than on mobile.

X-Frame also controls dynamically both pixel light count and quality of shadows per light in the scene depending on current FPS. It will reduce/restore pixel light count as well as reduce or disable shadows if FPS can’t be achieved. These options can be enabled/disabled in X-Frame.

X-Frame allows you to choose the proper balance between performance and image quality, providing full control regarding the FPS and quality range you want in your game.

With X-Frame you can make your game playable in devices that currently can’t tackle your rendering stack or even run “heavy” image effects on mobile that takes too much FPS due to their complexity.

X-Frame FPS Accelerator Android Demo

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