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Scripting Support (C#)

Tip! Check the script included with the demo scene for sample code that changes Beautify settings at runtime.

The following properties and methods can be accessed through the


property (check sample script included in demo scene):

sun: assigns or gets the gameobject that holds the directional light acting as the Sun.

depthOfFieldTarget: assigns or gets the gameobject that’s being tracked by the depth of field autofocus algorithm when in Follow Target mode.

OnBeforeFocus: event that’s triggered when focusing an object and allows you to get and change the current focus distance dynamically.

depthOfFieldCurrentFocalPointDistance: the current distance to the focused object.

sharedSettings: returns a reference of the current settings of the Beautify effect in the volume.

settings: returns a copy of the current settings of the Beautify effect in the volume.

Blink(duration, maxValue): executes a blink effect (like in demo scene). For example, if you call


it will execute a blink effect for 0.5 seconds.

The following code will assign a LUT:

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