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How it works

Global Snow supports forward and deferred rendering.

  • Deferred rendering (recommended). In this mode Global Snow will modify the GBuffers in realtime producing a great looking effect at the best performance. This mode works for both built-in and URP.
  • Forward rendering. In this mode Global Snow uses a full-screen image effect to blend a precomputed snow layer over the landscape. In this mode, Global Snow uses two techniques: a) renders the scene using custom replacement shaders with snow, and b) renders snow in screen space using a fast shader aimed for far distances. The result is a great looking snow but the performance is not as good as in deferred rendering. This mode is only supported in the built-in pipeline version.
  • Decal approach: all Global Snow customers have access to a special version of Global Snow that uses decal approach to render snow over existing objects. This version can be downloaded from our support forum on and is appropriate for low-end devices which can’t afford full-screen blit operations. This version of Global Snow only supports built-in pipeline.

Deferred and forward rendering path support are provided by custom shaders located in Workflow_Deferred and Workflow_Forward inside GlobalSnow/Resources folder. If you’re only using one of the two rendering paths (eg. deferred), then you can remove the other folder so save some resources and build time in your project.

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