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map.cities: return a List<City> of all cities records.

map.GetCityNames: return an array with the names of the cities.

map.GetCityIndex(name): returns the city object by its name for the city name given or null if not found.

map.GetCity(cityName, countryName): returns the city object by its name for the country given or null if not found.

map.GetCityPosition(int provinceIndex): returns the map position of a city.

map.cityHighlighted: returns the city under the mouse cursor (or null if none).

map.cityHighlightedIndex: returns the city index under the mouse cursor (or -1 if none).

map.lastCityClicked: returns the city clicked by the user.

map.showCities: show/hide all cities. Same than inspector property.

map.minPopulation: the mínimum population amount for a city to appear on the map (in thousands). Set to zero to show all cities in the current catalog. Range: 0 .. 17000.

map.cityClassAlwaysShow: combiantion of bitwise flags to specify classes of cities that will be drawn irrespective of other filters like minimum population. See CITY_CLASS_FILTER* constants.

map.citiesColor: color for the normal cities icons.

map.citiesRegionCapitalColor: color for the region capital cities icons.

map.citiesCountryCapitalColor: color for the country capital cities icons.

map.FlyToCity(name): start navigation at navigationTime speed to specified city. The list of city names can be obtained through the cities property.

map.FlyToCity(index): same but specifying the city index in the cities list.

map.cityAttributeFile: name of the resource jSON file storing attributes for countries.

map.GetCityGeoData(): returns a string with all cities frontiers and data.

map.SetCityGeoData(): loads cities frontiers and data from a string.

map.GetCitiesAttributes(prettyPrint): returns a JSON-formatted string with all attributes

for all cities.

map.GetCitiesAttributes(cities, prettyPrint): same but for a list of cities.

map.SetCitiesAttributes(jSON): sets the attributes of a list of cities contained in the JSON-formatted string.

map.GetCitiesDataJSON(prettyPrint): returns all cities data in a JSON-formatted string.

map.SetCitiesDataJSON(jSON): sets the cities from a JSON-formatted string.

map.GetCountryCapital(country): returns the capital of a given country.

map.CityAdd(City newCity): adds a new city to the map.

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