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LineMarkerAnimator Component & Extras

The LineMarkerAnimator is responsible for drawing and animating lines generated by AddLine method. The AddLine method returns a reference to the LineMarkerAnimator which exposes many properties to customize the line appearance. Note that some of these properties are already set when you call AddLine.

color: the color of the line.

lineWidth: width of the line (defaults to 0.01f

arcElevation: elevation of the arc. A value of zero means the line will be drawn flat, on the ground.

drawingDuration: the duration for the drawing of the line. A value of 0 means instant drawing.

reverseMode: if set to true, line will start fully drawn and reduced over time.

lineMaterial: the material used to render the line. If not specified, the asset will use the default line marker material.

autoFadeAfter: the duration in seconds for the line before it fades out.

fadeOutDuration: the duration for the fade out effect until the line disappears.

dashInterval: the gap separation between dashes. A value of 0 means continuous line.

dashAnimationDuration: duration of a cycle in seconds. 0.1f can be a good value, 0 = no animation.

numPoints: the number of points used to draw the line. By default it uses 64 points.

startCap: the gameObject used for the start cap. Can be a model or sprite.

startCapFlipDirection: a Boolean that specifies the direction of the starting cap.

startCapOffset: a displacement for the starting cap.

startCapMaterial: material used for the staring cap. If omitted, it uses a default line marker material.

endcap / endCalFlipDirection / endCapOffset / endCapMaterial: same but for the opposite edge of the line.

Extra components accessors

map.calc: accesor to the Calculator component.

map.ticker: accesor to the Tickers component.

map.decorator: accesor to the Decorator component.

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