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Use the Scenic Styles

In addition to classic textured styles for the map, there are several advanced “Scenic Styles” included: “Scenic”, “Scenic Plus” and “Scenic Plus Alternate 1”. When enabled, the asset will use custom shaders to provide special effects like bump mapping, clouds and water animations.

  • Scenic style uses textures of up to 2K resolution. This style adds bump mapping and clouds plus simulated cloud shadows effect of the ground.

  • Scenic Plus uses textures of up to 8K resolution and adds water animation and coast foam. It will also fade the high-resolution texture to a diffused texture when zooming in to prevent excessive pixellation. Scenic Plus is itended to work with viewport with the cloud layer enabled.

  • Scenic Plus Alternate 1 is a Scenic Plus variant which uses a different texture for the Earth and won’t fade into a blurred texture when you zoom in. Therefore, this shader variant is a bit more efficient than the Scenic Plus.

Scenic Plus styles offer additional visualization options in the inspector that allows you to customize the water level and foam effect.

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