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These setup instructions are for the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Step 1: Install Universal Rendering Pipeline

Go to Windows -> Package Manager. Select Universal RP (7.3.1 or later preferably) and click “Install”.

Step 2: Assign the Universal Rendering Pipeline asset

Go to Project Settings -> Graphics and assign a Universal Rendering Pipeline asset. You can use the asset include in the demo folder (Volumetric Lights /Demo /URP Pipeline Settings folder).

Step 3: Configure Universal Rendering Pipeline asset

Double click the Universal Rendering Pipeline asset to show its properties.

Then enable “Depth Texture”. Enabling MSAA is also recommended:

Important note!

Check both “Project Settings / Graphics” and “Project Settings / Quality” sections since you can define URP settings overrides in Quality levels. You need to enable Depth Texture option in all URP settings used in any Quality Level.

Android users: if you have issues with shadows, try switching to Vulkan graphics API in Player Settings / Player.

Now you can use Volumetric Lights!

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