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map.tileServer: the tile server to use in current session. Can be changed at any time and tiles will be refreshed automatically.

map.tileServerClientId: the account id provided by the tile server (optional, currently used by AerisWeather service for example).

map.tileServerAPIKey: the string to be appended to any tile server URL request. Usually has the form of “apikey=xxxxx” (without quotes).

map.tileServerCopyrightNotice: the required copyright to show in your application according to the tile server terms of use.

map.tileServerLayerTypes: list of layer names separated by commas (used by AerisWeather service).

map.tileTransparentLayer: when enabled, tiles will be rendered using a transparent material.

map.tileMaxAlpha: when tileTransparentLayer is true, this property determines the maximum opacity for the layers. Can be reduced to force transparency on certain opaque layers.

map.tileMaxConcurrentDownloads: maximum number of concurrent tile downloads. Defaults to 10.

map.tileMaxLoadsPerFrame: maximum number of tile animations started per frame. Defaults to 2.

map.tileEnableLocalCache: enables local caching of tiles. Defaults to true.

map.tileMaxLocalCacheSize: size of the local cache in Mb. Defaults to 50.

map.tileQueueLength: current length of the download queue. 0 means all pending tiles have been downloaded. Some downloads may be cancelled if their tiles are no longer visible.

map.tileConcurrentDownloads: current number of concurrent downloads.

map.tileCurrentZoomLevel: current zoom level according to tile system standards (in WPM from 5 to 19).

map.tileWebDownloads: total number of tiles downloads from the web.

map.tileWebDownloadsTotalSize: total size in bytes of tiles downloads from the web.

map.tileCacheLoads: total number of tiles loaded from the local cache.

map.tileCacheLoadsTotalSize: total size in bytes of tiles loaded from the local cache.

map.tileCurrentCacheUsage: total size in bytes of tiles stored in the local cache.

map.tileLastError: last error occurred when downloading tiles (if any). Null is no error so far.

map.tileLastErrorDate: date of the last error when downloading tiles (if any).

map.PurgeTileCache(): removes any downloaded tile in the local cache.

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