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Use custom fonts

WPM Globe Edition comes with 2 default fonts: Lato and Colwella.

To use another font, make sure it’s not marked as “Dynamic” in Import Settings. Select your new font and use the following settings (you can also use another character set if you need to include special characters):

Using Text Mesh Pro

You can also switch the text rendering engine used by the asset to Text Mesh Pro. To do so, just select Text Mesh Pro in the Text Rendering property of the World Map Globe inspector:

If TextMesh Pro Essentials package is not present, the system will show a window where you can import that required package with a button click.

The asset let you specify a custom SDF font and a font material. Please refer to the TextMesh Pro documentation to learn how to create custom SDF fonts from standard fonts. These resources explain the font material presets in depth:

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