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Use Fog of War feature

The fog of war feature adds a foggy layer on top of the Globe. It allows you to occlude areas that you won’t to be visible to the user or player. When this feature is enabled, the entire globe is covered by fog.

The fog appearance can be customized using the provided section in the inspector:

Resolution: defines the size of the internal texture used to mask contents behind the fog. The texture size is 2^this value – for instance, a value of 10 means 2^10 = 1024 pixels. The greater the resolution the finer the granularity of the fog but it takes more memory and the performance is worse.

Color 1 and Color 2: they blend along an internal noise texture to create the turbulence effect.

Alpha: overall transparency of the fog.

Elevation: thickness of the fog around the globe.

WPM Globe Edition includes a demo scene (#11) with example code of how to clear/reset the globe with fog including methods for clearing custom positions, countries, provinces or cells.

Please refer to the Fog of War API section in this manual for a complete list of available functions.

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