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World Political Map – Globe Edition Lite is a commercial asset for Unity 2017.4 or later that allows to:

  1. Visualize the frontiers of 177 countries and the location 1249 most important cities in the world.
  2. Colorize and also highlight the regions of countries and provinces/states as mouse hovers them.
  3. Automatically draw country labels.
  4. Add markers and line animations to the globe.
  5. Fly to a chosen country, city, province or location. It will make the globe rotate until the destination is reached.
  6. Imaginary lines: draw custom latitude, longitude and cursor lines.
  7. Lots of customization options: colors, labels, frontiers, provinces, cities, Earth (2 styles included)…
  8. Works on Android and iOS.
  9. Comprehensive API and easy setup.
  10. Dedicated and responsive support forum.

You can use this asset to represent or allow the user choose a location in your game/application, in mission briefings, reports, statistical or educational software, etc.

Intro Demo

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