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Setup (Built-in and URP)

Global Snow 2 comes with 2 packages: one for built-in pipeline and another for URP (Universal Rendering Pipeline).

If you’re using built-in pipeline, just skip the URP setup section:

URP Setup


The URP version requires Unity 2021.3. Make sure an URP asset is present in Project Settings->Quality or Project Settings->Graphics. 


To install the plugin correctly, you need to:

  1. In Project Settings->Quality, double click the Render Pipeline Asset. It must be URP. 
  2. Double click the asset in the Renderer List in the Inspector, under the Rendering section.
  3. In Rendering->Rendering Path, change “Forward” to “Deferred”.
  4. Click Add Renderer Feature below and add the Global Snow Render Feature.

Note: URP assets can be assigned to Project Settings / Graphics and Project Settings / Quality. Check both sections!

Once the Global Snow Render Feature has been added to the Universal Renderer,  continue to the next step:


Camera Setup (built-in and URP)

  1. Add the GlobalSnow script to your main camera in your scene.

  2. Check the Scene Setup parameters if needed and choose a Quality preset.

  1. Optionally enable footprints, terrain marks, snowfall or camera frost features.

You can of course customize any of its parameters to match your game mood and requirements.

Please read the rest of this guide to learn more about all included features.


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