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Use the Scenic styles

There’re two “scenic” styles available from the Earth style combo (one which uses 2K textures and another high-res one which uses 8K textures).

This scenic style use custom planetary and glow shaders to provide an outstanding effect to the Earth map.

When you select a scenic style, some new global properties are shown in the inspector:

Light Direction: specify the Sun light direction. You can achieve day/light transitions changing this value.

Effect Intensity: controls how much of scenic effect is visible. This includes atmosphere, clouds and relief.

Glow Intensity: controls the brightness of the glow.

But there’s more! If you want to fine control the look of the globe, you can go to the Scenic material and change the default values. To do so, scroll down the inspector and expand the Scenic material. You can do the same for the glow material which is attached to a game object called “WorldMapGlobeAtmosphere” which can be found under the WorldMapGlobe in the hierarchy:

Above image: properties of the Earth Glow shader shown in in the inspector.

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