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Scripting Support (C#)

How to change the mask contents in play mode. Use the following methods:

MaskPaint(Vector3 pos, byte value, float brushWidth, float brushOpacity = 1f, float brushFuzziness = 0f, MaskPaintMethod paintMethod = MaskPaintMethod.BackgroundThread)

Use this method to change the opacity of snow (value) at any world position (pos) by painting with a brush of custom width (brushWidth) and intensity (brushOpacity/brushFuzziness).

MaskClear(byte value = 255)

Resets the internal snow mask with a default value of 255 (full opacity) or any other amount.

MaskFillArea(GameObject go, byte value, float opacity = 1f, float border = 0f);

Changes the opacity of snow under a gameobject. An overload of this function are included that accept a MeshRenderer.

public float GetSnowAmountAt(Vector3 position)

Returns an approximation of the amount of snow at a world position (0 = no snow, greater than 0 = snow)

public void MarkSnowAt(Vector3 position, float radius)

Leaves a mark on the snow at a given world space position and radius.

public void FootprintAt(Vector3 position, Vector3 moveDir)

Adds a footprint mark to the snow at the specified position and direction


Rorces a snow coverage update. Useful if you’re adding objects to the scene and the layer of the new objects are excluded in Global Snow inspector.


Recreates the exclusion command buffer. You shouldn’t need to call this function.

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