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Mount Points API

map.mountPoints: return a List<MountPoint> of all mount points records.

map.GetMountPointNearPoint: returns the nearest mount point to a location on the sphere.

map.GetMountPoints: returns a list of mount points, optionally filtered by country, province or region.

map.GetVisibleMountPoints: returns a list of mount points that are “visible” on the screen.

A MountPoint object can be created using the Map Editor or scripting. If you use scripting, you can create a MountPoint and add it to the mountPoints list as follows:

MountPoint myMountPoint = new MountPoint();


The MountPoint class contains the following data:

  • Name (string): user defined mount point name (optional)

  • Type (int): user defined integer that can be used to distinguish mount point types (optional)

  • CountryIndex: the country to which the mount point belongs to.

  • ProvinceIndex: same but with province.

  • localPosition: a Vector3 with the local position of the mount point on the sphere.

  • latlon: a Vector2 that contains the latitude/longitude of the mount point.

  • customTags a dictionary<string,string> used to store any kind of additional data.

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