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City object fields name of the city.

city.fullName: returns name of city + province + country names.

city.countryIndex: index of the country in the countries list.

city.province: name of the province in the provinces list.

city.localPosition: position of the city on the sphere in local space.

city.population: approximate metropolitan population.

city.cityClass: type of city (country capital, region capital, normal city).

city.latitude / longitude: latitude and longitude of the city.

Cities methods and properties

map.cities: return a List<City> of all cities records.

map.cityHighlighted: returns the city under the mouse cursor (or null if none).

map.cityLastClicked: returns the index of last clicked city.

map.showCities: show/hide all cities. Same than inspector property.

map.minPopulation: the mínimum population amount for a city to appear on the map (in thousands). Set to zero to show all cities in the current catalog. Range: 0 .. 17000.

map.cityClassFilter: bitwise filter which specifies the class of cities to be drawn (Normal/Region Capitals/Country Capitals). See CITY_CLASS_FILTER enum for bit flags.

map.numCitiesDrawn: number of cities actually drawn.

map.citiesColor: color for the normal cities.

map.citiesRegionCapitalColor: color for the region capital cities.

map.citiesCountryCapitalColor: color for the country capital cities.

map.cityIconSize: custom scaling for city icons.

map.cityClassAlwaysShow: bitwise mask for the type of cities to be drawn (2 = region capitals, 4 = country capitals).

map.combineCityMeshes: whether the cities meshes should be combined into one, improving performance when lot of cities are drawn. If set to true, automatic city scaling based on distance to camera will be disabled.

map.GetVisibleCities: returns a list of visible cities on the screen.

map.GetCityNames: returns a list of city names.

map.GetCityIndex: returns the index of a given City based on different criteria or a random city if no argument is passed.

map.GetCityIndexInProvince: returns the index of a given City belonging to a province.

map.GetCityIndexInCountry: returns the index of a given City belonging to a country.

map.GetCountryCapital: returns the city object which is the capital of the given country.

map.GetCountryCapitalIndex: returns the city index of the country capital.

map.GetCityRandom: returns a random city from a country, province or map.

map.GetCityIndexRandom: returns a random city index from a country, province or map.

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