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Recolor Component

The “Recolor” component is a script that you can add to any gameobject to change its colors at runtime. Just
select your sprite or gameobject and add the “Recolor” script to it:

You can select an existing palette (created with the Palette Manager) or apply
custom or individual color modifications.

Note that original textures or materials won’t be modified – they’ll be instantiated before receiving the
changes. Disable or remove “Recolor” script to restore the original materials or textures.

The “enable Optimization” option will create an internal LUT automatically that includes all color transformations. When this option is used, Color Studio will use the internal LUT to produce the modified textures of the object. If you make changes to the color transformations, click the “Update Optimization” button to update this internal LUT (Color Studio will automatically refresh this internal LUT in most cases, but click the button ensures it’s up to date).

Quick demo of Recolor feature in realtime

Color Studio: recoloring game objects

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