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Global Composition + Blur

To achieve smoother results on desktop, add the Volumetric Lights Render Feature to the Forward Renderer of the URP asset. Note: this feature is not necessary on mobile devices as they use high-density screens.

This feature will render all volumetric lights to an off-screen buffer and perform screen-space blur before composing it to the camera buffer. The following settings are available:

  • Blend Mode: the blending mode for the final composition.
  • Brightness: global brightness for the final composition (this value multiplies to the actual brightness of each individual light).
  • Downscaling: reduces the resolution of the intermediate light buffer. This option will improve performance.
  • Blur Passes: number of blur iterations. The higher number, the softer the result.
  • Downscaling: reduces the size of the blur buffers. This option improves performance at quality expense.
  • Blur Spread: increases the kernel radius of the blur pass. Can produce softer results in combination with the blur passes and downscaling.
  • HDR: uses HDR format for the blur buffers (used to preserve very bright colors).
  • Preserve Edges: enables a bilateral filter that preserves geometry edges when blending a blurred volumetric effect onto the scene image.
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