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World Political Map – 2D Lite Edition is aimed at developers who do not require the advanced features of 2D Edition but still need a lightweight, interactive map with selectable countries.

This 2D Lite Edition includes the following features:

  • Visualize the frontiers of 177 countries and the location of the 243 most important cities in the world.
  • Colorize and also highlight the regions of countries as mouse hovers them.
  • Automatically draws country labels, with placement options.
  • Quickly locate and center any country, city or custom location.
  • Imaginary lines: draw custom latitude, longitude and cursor lines.
  • Filter number of cities by population.
  • Customization options for colors, labels, frontiers.
  • Works on Android and iOS.
  • Comprehensive API.
  • Dedicated and responsive support forum.

You can use this asset to show or allow the player to choose a location in your strategy game or application, in mission briefings, interactive reports, statistical and educational software, Earth hud locator, etc.

Intro Demo

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