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Skybox Plus material options

Select your Skybox Plus material. The inspector will show the following options:

Procedural Haze

Procedural haze projects dynamic noise in the skybox. It allows you to achieve a foggy sky or a noise-based cloud skybox. You can combine procedural haze with cubemaps (next sections).

The Noise texture field allows you to change the default noise texture used by the asset. Skybox Plus provides a perlin noise texture of 256×256 size inside the Resources/SkyboxPlus/Textures folder.

Layers (Clouds or Mountains)

The Skybox Plus/Clouds shader supports up to 4 layered cubemaps (you can combine up to 4 cubemaps). And the Skybox Plus/Landscape supports up to 7 layered cubemaps.  The main difference of a cloud layer vs a mountain layer is how it blends with the sky. The cloud layers allow the Sun shine through the clouds while the mountains are fully opaque and cannot animate.

Sun settings

This section allows you to change the Sun size, corona brightness and overall tint color.

  1. c) All objects from the root to the children
  2. d) All objects belonging to a layer
  3. e) Custom targets specified by script (see Advanced Topics & Notes)

Night time (Moon + Stars)

If you want the skybox to cover the night correctly, you must enable the “Night Time” checkbox (shown in the picture above). Enable this option only if you want a day/night transition or a night skybox.

Other settings

Finally, in this section you can customize the overall sky color, the final exposure (brightness) and fog color & amount. The fog is shown on the horizon and extends vertically based on the Fog Amount value.

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