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Create Shader Variant Collections

Shader Control can also create shader variant collection assets which can be used to speed up shader loading time. For a general overview and uses of shader variant collection assets, please read the official Unity documentation:

A shader variant collection includes one or more shaders along a number of different variants (combination of keywords).  The purpose of a Shader Variant Collection is telling Unity that your game will use those variants so you can warm them up using scripting or during scene load avoiding hiccups due to shader compilation at runtime.

A Shader Variant Collection of any shader can be created from the Build View. Locate the shader, expand it and click the “Advanced” button. In this new window you will be able to specify different variants and also create a shader variant collection.

Note that when specifying specific variants from this window, Shader Control will ignore any other variant for that shader which will save time and space in your build.

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