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Adding Dynamic Fog & Mist to your scene

Step 1) Right click in the Hierarchy panel and select “Effects” -> “Dynamic Fog & Mist” -> Fog Volume:

A Fog Volume is a boxed area that contains the fog effect.

Note: the first time a fog volume is added, a “Dynamic Fog Manager” gameobject is automatically created. This manager exposes common settings for all fog volumes (in case you use more than one fog volume in the scene) like the main camera or directional light used as Sun.

Step 2) Create or assign a fog profile

A Fog Profile contains many appearance options and can be reused among fog volumes.

Click “New Fog Profile” or assign an existing profile.

Step 3) Position/scale/customize fog properties.

Adjust position and scale to ensure fog covers the desired area. Note that fog will only be visible through this volume.

Customize the appearance of the fog changing the profile values:

Most profile settings are self-explanatory. Default values are recommended for most cases:

  • Base Altitude: determines the base height for the fog effect.

  • Density Exponential & Density Linear: controls fog density over distance. Experiment with different values to produce a wide array of effects, from distance fog to foggy sky. Important: the vertical size of the volume influences the fog appearance so volume size is also important.

  • Tint Color: the base color for the fog.

  • Second Color: fog color is modulated based on color noise amount between the tint color and second color.

  • Vertical Gradient: let you define a gradient of colors and alpha keys that influences the color based on vertical angle. You can use this property to make horizon fog more reddish for example (left edge of gradient matches horizon, right edge of gradient equals to zenith).

  • Wind Intensity / Scale / Amplitude / Turbulence / Direction: allows you to add wind / animation effect to the fog. Scale determines the horizontal scale of the noise while Amplitude refers to the vertical displacement of the fog.

  • Directional Light: controls the Sun light diffusion and intensity across the fog.

  • Rendering: this section let you control different aspects of the fog effect rendering like dithering (to reduce banding artifacts) and rendering order.


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