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Mount Points are user-defined markers on the map created in the Map Editor. Basically, a mount point is a special location that includes a name, a class identifier (an user-defined number) and a collection of tags.

Mount Points are useful to add user-defined strategic locations, like airports, military units, resources and other landmarks useful for your application or game. To better describe your mount points, WPM allows you to define any number of tags (or attributes) per mount point. The list of tags is implemented as a dictionary of strings pairs, so you can assign each mount point information like (“Defense”, “3”) and (“Attack”, “2”), or (“Capacity”, “10”), (“Mineral”, “Uranium”) and so on.

Note that Mount Points are invisible during play mode since they are only placeholder for your game objects. The list of mount points is accesible through the mountPoints property of the map API.

Mount Points appear during design time (not in playmode) as a flag:

The editor provides a Mount Point Mass Creation Tool, so you can quickly populate countries, provinces and entire continents with random mount points!

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