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World Flags and Weather Symbols

This package is available as a separate purchase and includes +270 vector and raster images of country flags and weather symbols:

For more information, please consult the Asset Store page:!/content/69010

Once imported into the project, the names of the flag texture files equal to the country names used in our map assets so you can add flag icons or texture countries with their flag with minimal effort.

The code to texture the country surface with its flag would be:

// Get reference to the API
WMSK map = WMSK.instance;

// Choose a country
string countryName = “China”;

// Load texture for the country
Texture2D flagTexture = Resources.Load<Texture2D> ("Flags/png/" + countryName);

// Apply texture to the country main region (ignore islands)
int countryIndex = map.GetCountryIndex(countryName);

map.ToggleCountryMainRegionSurface(countryIndex, true, flagTexture);
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