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Release notes in Beautify 3

Beautify 3 is a major upgrade to Beautify 2 and includes the following new features and/or changes:

  • Support for Unity 2022 (built-in and URP). Beautify 3 still supports Unity versions 2020 and 2021.
  • New antialiasing effect. We have integrated an edge antialiasing filter into the Image Enhancement section (in built-in pipeline, it needs to be enabled in Shader Options). This option gives an extra touch and is very fast as it’s integrated in the same render pass. If you need more powerful anti-alias solution, you can use the Super Sampling option included in Beautify or a third party TAA – temporal antialiasing filter (although they are more expensive and TAA has other issues such as ghosting artifacts).
  • New cinematic bands effect. This option can be found under the “Frame” effect which let you know choose a style between “Border” (previous effect) and the new “Cinematic Bands”. When you select this new style, new options appear that let you customize the vertical or horizontal bars, including size and gradient falloff.

Additional options and internal enhancements have been added to the asset, depending on the pipeline used:

  • Bloom: added “Bloom Spread” option
  • Bloom: added “Quicker Blur” option
  • Bloom: uncapped “Depth Attenuation” limit
  • Anamorphic Flares: added “Quicker Blur” option
  • Anamorphic Flares: uncapped “Depth Attenuation” limit
  • Outline: added “Outline Depth Fade” option (requires “Outline Customize” to be enabled)
  • Chromatic Aberration: added “Hue Shift” parameter
  • Chromatic Aberration: added CHROMATIC_ABERRATION_ALT shader option (see documentation)
  • Depth of field: improved foreground blur effect
  • Depth of field: improved bokeh effect in Single Pass Instanced mode
  • Added “Camera Layer Mask” to the render feature. This option let you specify which cameras can render Beautify effects
  • Volume inspector GUI performance optimizations

We hope you enjoy this new update. Please consider leaving a 5* rating if you like Beautify. It encourages us to keep improving it with new effect, options and enhancements. Thank you.



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