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Quick Start

These setup instructions are for the Built-in pipeline.

Using Beautify is very easy:

⦁ Add the Beautify script to your main camera in your scene.

⦁ Choose one of the presets and that’s it!

You can of course customize any of its parameters to match your game mood and requirements.

Demo Scenes

A few demo scenes are included to quickly play with the different presets. Just open and experiment with them to learn about the possibilities Beautify has to offer.

Scene1_Intro: Contains a simple setup with colored capsules and a variety of effects enabled

Scene2_World: Fly through a terrain and cycle through a variety of profiles by clicking the left-mouse button

Scene3_Dof: An animated sphere showing the use of Depth of Field (DoF)

Scene4_DofTrans: A scene showing DoF and Transparency working together

Scene5_ParticlesBloom: A scene showing Bloom being restricted to a specific layer, in this case particles

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