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Positioning the map on the screen

WPM 2D Edition can be positioned on your scene in any location with a custom rotation and scale. However, you may want to use as part of your UI, for example, as if it were a Canvas UI element, drawn on a screen overlay.

V5.2 includes an option that mimic the screen overlay mode of UI elements. It works by moving and parenting the viewport in front of the main camera at the position and size specified by a normalized rectangle, where 0 is the left or bottom, and 1 is the top or right position of the screen.

Note that this option is only available to render viewports. The reason is that using the viewport is the only way to proper zoom in or pan the map without it moving outside the constraint rectangle (cropped rectangle).

To access this option, the viewport should be enabled and assigned to the map:

Once you assign a render viewport to the map, check the “Screen Overlay Mode” toggle and specify the rectangle of the map in the screen.

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