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Customizing Points of Interest (POI)

Select the game object with the CompassProPOI script attached and you can customize its public fields from the inspector (you can also edit them in code):

General POI Settings:

  • ID: Unique ID to be used when DontDestroyOnLoad option is set to true.
  • Icon: Default icon for the POI if it has no Visited/Discovered icons.
  • Radius: Useful for generic areas of search.
  • Position Offset: Optional offset added to the POI position.
  • Can Be Visited: Specifies if the POI can be marked as visited when reached and enables additional adjustments when enabling.

Compass Bar Settings:

  • Visibility on Compass Bar: Set the mode of visibility on the compass bar.
  • Icon Scale: Default icon scale on the navigation bar.
  • Clamp Position: If enabled the icons will stop at the edges of the bar, even when they are behind the player.
  • Tint Color: Tint the icon with a custom color.
  • Title: Set a custom title for the icon when appearing on the navigation bar.
  • Title Visibility: Set the mode of visibility of the title on the navigation bar.
  • Visited Text: Set a custom text for the POI when is visited.

Mini-Map Settings:

  • Visibility in Mini-Map: Set the mode of visibility of the icon on the Mini-Map.
  • Icon Scale: Customize icon scale on the Mini-Map.
  • Clamp Position: If enabled, icon will be shown on the mini-map even when the player is behind it.
  • Show rotation: When enabled, the icon on the minimap will be roatated according to the position.
  • Rotation Angle Offset: Set a custom offset roation angle for the icon.
  • Show Circle Radius: Enable a circular area with custom color and pulse effect on the POI.
  • Enable Circle Animation: Enable a circle animation pulse effect on the POI.

Screen Indicators Settings:

  • Show On-Screen Indicator: Enable On-Screen indicators and set custom scale, with distance and titles.
  • Show Off-Screen Indicator: Enable/Disable Off-Screen Indicator.

Other Options

  • Priority: Higher priority icons will render above others.
  • Don’t Destroy On Load: Preserves the state of the POI between scene changes.
  • Beacon Audio Clip: Add a custom audio when the beacon effect is triggered.
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