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Setup (URP)

These setup instructions are for the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).


This package is designed for URP. It requires Unity 2019.3 and URP 7.1.6 or later.

Please make sure an URP asset is present in Project Settings/Quality and/or Project Settings/Graphics.


To install the plugin correctly, you need to add the “Highlight Plus Render Feature” to the URP asset:

1) Double click the Universal Rendering Pipeline asset to select it (do this for all URP assets assigned in your Project Settings / Quality and Graphics).

2) Double click the Forward Renderer asset.

3) Click “+” to add the Highlight Plus Renderer Feature to the list of the Forward Renderer Features.

Note: URP assets can be assigned to Project Settings / Graphics and Project Settings / Quality. Check both sections!

(You can also find a Universal Rendering Pipeline asset and HighlightPlusForwardRenderer asset ready to use in the Highlight Plus / Pipelines / URP folder. Make sure the Highlight Plus Scriptable Renderer Feature is listed in the Renderer Features of the Forward Renderer in the pipeline asset).

– In Unity 2021, Depth Priming Mode must be set to “Forced” in the URP asset in order to work on Android, iOS and WebGL.
– In rest of platforms, if you want to use the SSAO effect included with URP, make sure you set Depth Priming Mode to “Auto” or “Forced”.

Video instructions:

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