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Quick Start & Demo Scenes

WMSK is aimed to help you create games based on world map, from simple country quiz games to complex AAA strategy or tactical games.

We recommend using the following course to learn and use WMSK:

  1. Run the demo scenes

  2. Read this documentation

  3. Make the game design key choices

  4. Check out the demo scenes that match your game design and learn by example

Running the demo scenes

The best way to start learning about WMSK features is to play with each of the demo scene included in the asset in sequential order:

  1. First, create an empty project and import the asset.

  2. You’ll find several demo scenes inside the “Demos” folder. Start with demo scene #1, run it and experiment with the different options presented. Each demo scene contains a C# file with the code behind that demo interface – we recommend you take a look at that code to learn how the API is used.

  3. Once you finish demo scene #1, follow with the demo scene #2 and so on, until you finish all demo scenes.

Each demo scene contains a WorldMapStrategyKit instance (the prefab) and a Demo gameobject which has a Demo script attached which you can browse to understand how to use some of the properties and methods of the asset from code (C#).

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