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About Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate Bundle is a package that contains 12 of our best FX assets including: Beautify 3, LUT Pack for Beautify, Volumetric Fog & Mist 2, Dynamic Fog & Mist 2, Volumetric Lights 2, Global Snow, Highlight Plus, Liquid Volume Pro 2, Radiant GI, Shiny SSRR 2, Terrain Grid System & Trails FX. This bundle is a must-have time-saving solution for any Unity project profile!

Ultimate Bundle

Assets Included

Beautify 3

Full-screen image post processing effect that improves the image quality in real time producing incredibly crisp and vivid scenes.

LUT Pack for Beautify

220 LUTs including artistic/cinematic styles and tints for Beautify.

Volumetric Fog & Mist 2

Complete and performant immersive AAA fog solution used in games like Gigaya, Praey for the Gods, MarZ: Tactical Base Defense, Sky Fleet, Frontline ZED and many others.

Volumetric Lights 2

Fast, flexible and great-looking light scattering solution which improves lighting visuals in your scene with a few clicks.

Dynamic Fog & Mist 2

Fast, flexible and great looking fog package optimized for all platforms.

Global Snow

The most convenient, complete and gorgeous solution to render your scene as a beautiful winter landscape with a single click.

Highlight Plus

Adds outline, glow, overlay, see-through and other effects to any 3D object in your scene.

Liquid Volume Pro 2

Powerful and highly customizable shader that simulates realistic and animated liquid containers.

Radiant GI

Full-screen post processing effect that adds global illumination in real-time to your scene producing better lit and more natural-looking scenes.

Shiny SSRR 2

Adds advanced Screen Space Raytraced Reflections to your scenes in real-time making them more realistic.

Terrain Grid System 2

Advanced grid generator and territory/cell highlighter with powerful features for both Terrain and 2D grids.

Trails FX

Renders smooth trails behind moving objects and characters.


Falling Frontier: by Stutter Studios

Gigaya is a living game sample that the Unity team is creating and powering with Unity tech. Jump into the world of Okkeriel to find inspiration on how to bring your game to life.

Death Carnival: by Furyion Games

Fast-paced arcade shooter with extreme weapons, wall-dashing and intense mid-air combat for online multiplayer action like never before.

MarZ: by doorfortyfour

MarZ is a game of strategy and tactical defense where you must carefully manage your crew and resources as you try to uncover the terrible secrets of the undead.

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